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Klantigt kalmar


Post on Nov views. We thank all our students over the years for teaching Klantigt kalmar so much, and particularly Phil's first-year students who have taken such a positive interest in improving this book.

Special thanks go to Wendy Davies for the user's insight. Phil Holmes and Gunilla Serin Hull and Stockholm February Using this book,We have designed this book for anyone wishing to acquire basic conversational Swedish, that is the grammar, pronunciation and intonation as well as basic vocabulary and a range Klantigt kalmar phrases necessary for communicating digerent needs.

We also provide you with some background information about Sweden, its regions, history, traditions and way of life. Each of the eighteen lessons contains three passages - a Klantigt kalmar, a 'Dialogue' and a 'Factual text'. In the 'Text' you learn about the lives of a group of characters: Rebecca, an English student spending a year at Stockholm University, Bill Morris, an English export representative travelling in Sweden, and the Klantigt kalmar Forsberg family of Jan, Eva and Joakim holidaying in the South of Sweden and then pursuing their daily lives.

Other characters appear in the story from time to time The 'Dialogue' is to provide you with a number of ways of meeting conversational needs arising in everyday situations you are likely to encounter, such as, for example, 'Asking for things' or 'Expressing likes and dislikes'. It is often followed by fbrther notes on other constructions you can use. In each lesson you will find numbered language notes which Klantigt kalmar, for example, aspects of word order, inflexion and agreement as well as providing all kinds of colloquial constructions Klantigt kalmar other useful information.

By referring to the 'Grammatical index' you can use book as a concise reference grammar, though lack of space preclud great amount of detail. You are provided with a list of vocabulary after each dialogue. You should note particularly that a word is explainethe first occasion it appears, though all the words used are to be found in the 'Swedish-English glossary' at the end of the book. A relatively large vocabulary is used in the book, and by the time you reach the end of the book you should have learned some 2, words in all.

For these reasons Klantigt kalmar is a good idea to learn new words as they appear. About 1, Klantigt kalmar appear in the 'Concise English-Swedish glossary'. The 'Factual text' is primarily for reading comprehension and to provide you with some background on Sweden and its culture. You should not normally need to translate the text. It Klantigt kalmar sufficient for you to get the gist of the meaning and guess some of the words.

Only the most dficult vocabulary is, therefore, provided after these "Klantigt kalmar." In the lessons there are exercises of many different kinds.

Some short exercises are to be found in the book which make use of the vocabulary employed in the texts.

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A 'Key to exercises' is found at the end of the book so that you can check your answers. In Lessons 1to 9 there are 'Pronunciation' exercises, which are also found on the cassette so you can compare your pronunciation with that of native speakers.

A feature of Swedish that makes it relatively easy to learn is its vocabulary. There is a core Klantigt kalmar of Germanic words that are familiar to us arm, fot, finger, knf, son, lamm, etc. There are also a number of grammatical similarities with English: Adjectives compare by adding an ending: Verbs have a -dl-t ending Klantigt kalmar the past tense: Swedish verbs are, incidentally, much simpler than those in most European languages in that they have the same form throughout each tense: Some of Klantigt kalmar apparent problems in learning Swedish are: Pronunciation - initially this appears difficult, but it is in fact very regular once you have learned a few rules.

The differencebetween shortand long vowels is crucial to accurate pronunciation. Use the account at the beginning of the book for reference. You will find that pronunciation is also practised Klantigt kalmar in the early lessons. Stress - which words are stressed in the sentence - and accent Swedish has two word accents - are the keys to your being clearly understood.

There is a general account of stress and accent at the l beginning of the book, not a l of which you will need to assimilate immediately, but which should prove useful to refer back to later.

In the text and dialogue in the first five lessons we have also marked the length of the vowels and consonants in those words in the sentence that receive Klantigt kalmar. Note that in the vocabulary lists to these lessons on the contrary the pronunciation of the new words is shown as Klantigt kalmar these were pronounced individually i.

Word order "Klantigt kalmar" sentence structure - it is possible to learn to speak Swedish and make oneself understood without paying any great attention to word order and different ways of constructing sentences. But if you wish to continue beyond a very basic level, and perhaps even ultimately to learn to write Swedish, then it is necessary to devote some time to the problems of word order right from the start.


It will then avoid real difXculties later. The teaching of Swedish word order is nowadays often Klantigt kalmar on a positional scheme originally produced by the Danish linguist Paul Diderichsen which breaks the sentence dawn into seven positions for diierent sentence elements subject, object, etc.

This book is no Klantigt kalmar, though we have adopted a rather more user-friendly approach. See the 'Note on grammatical terms' for a quick 'brush-up' on the basic terms used.

Note on grammatical termsMost of the grammatical terms used in this book should be familiar to anyone who has learned the rudiments of a modem foreign language or even English at school, but for those who feel the need of a quick 'brush-up' we provide some English examples marked with terms found in the book. These include only one new term. Try taking it out! Not all grammatical objects are things.

Both subjects and objects can be pronouns. In Klantigt kalmar 4 the verb has no object; in example 5 the verb must have an object. Main clauses and sub ordinate clausesMain clauses are groups of words usually containing a minimum of a subject and verb that Klantigt kalmar stand on their own as a sentence: Subordinate sub clauses are groups of words which also usually contain a subject and verb which form part of a main clause sentence: She walked faster when she saw the headmistress.

She saw the headmistress who was standing by the gym. Note on forms used in vocabulary listsThe vocabulary lists after the texts and dialogues provide key information about the different forms "Klantigt kalmar" the Swedish words: InJinitive PresentPast to call calVs Supine for perfect, pluperfect called has, had called kallal -r -de kalla kallar kallade kallat biijla e r -de biija biijer blijde blijt kiipla e r -te k8pa kiiper kiipte kiipt trol -r -dde tro tror trodde trott skrivla e r skrev skriva "Klantigt kalmar" skrev skrivit gY -r Klantigt kalmar gPtt For Klantigt kalmar verbs the supine is also given.

Note on the second edition A number of alterations have been made to the texts and dialogues which include updating of facts in the factual texts and inclusion of a new exercise on nouns with end articles in Lesson 5. An index is now included, and the tapes have been re-recorded with new material.

Pronunciation, stress and accentsThe AlphabetmThe Swedish alphabet has 29 letters, three more letters than the English alphabet, and these different letters all come at the end. Words beginning Klantigt kalmar w are found under v in dictionaries. PronunciationVowelsSwedish has a large number of Werent vowel sounds. What follows deals with stressed vowels only. Both long i and long y have very high and front tongue positions.

Sekundär meny

Long y has open lip founding and a j-like end-phase Note: Swedish j sounds like the 'y' in English 'beyond'. Long i hasa j-like "Klantigt kalmar." The long segments are shown by underlining in this book.

Pronunciation of stressed vowels - approximate equivalents: Cf Gennan 'ii'in 'Tiir'. Open lip-rounding with j-like end-phase No equivalent. German 'ii' in 'diinn' No equivalent.

French 'eu' in 'peu' but much longer with lip-rounding 'u' in English 'hurt', though much shortershort vowel Birgit Iarid B riaabYt bm nijt niiuPractise saying the following personal names and place names: Oka, Klantigt kalmar w Roqpeby, StoeBho! Some are pmmuncedwith a long P: Inn, Mona, b, Rghd When long the pronunciation o is m r common e. Mcrnwhen short the pronunciation P oe is more common e. Vowels followed by a single consonant letter are long: The common words a m c h a m a ete have short a.

Compare the pronunciation of English 'arm'. Unstressed vowels are always short: In this book you will sometimes see the symbol a. This represents the unstressed sound of 'a' in English 'about', 'er' in English 'father', etc. Consonant soundsMany of the consonant letters are pronounced approximately as in English.

Some specific problem consonants and consonant groups are dealt with in the lessons, but learners should note the following for now: There are large variations of sk- pronunciation depending on dialect and speaker. Like sk- go words Klantigt kalmar with sj- skj- stj-: These are pronounced as in English 'gate', 'keep', 'skill': Lisa, stycke, ros, musik, stum, liisa.

Stress LLJIn Swedish - as in English - there is an Klantigt kalmar distinction between words that have stress in the sentence and those that do not. All the words that are significant for the meaning are stressed see list below. This is called sentence stress, and these words are indicated in the text and dialogue to Lessons sometimes also in vocabulary lists to help students to acquire the rhythm of natural spoken Swedish.

But different syllables within these stressed words may also be stressed. This is known as word stress. The method shown for marking stress on words in the texts is illustrated here: Hon Ir nitJon ir. She is 19 years old. Only the stressed words in the sentence are marked. kallbrand * · Kalle proper * · Kalle Anka proper * · kall fusion * · kalligrafi * · kallna v; kallt krig * · Kalmar proper; kalori * · kalospinterokromatokrene n; kalsonger.

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