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Rapport om strider trots eldupphor


But the attacks by AFP-led paramilitaries on communities, especially in the hinterlands such as the lumad areas, are unabated, again despite Pres. Produce the Maoist Party leader com. We strongly condemn the killing of 30 Maoists and adivasis by the Grey Hounds police force and the special forces of Odisha.

The police have announced that 24 Maoists were killed in an encounter on 24th october in the Bejjangi area in the Andhra-Odisha border region. Andhra Pradesh DGP also announced that four and two more activists were killed in the subsequent encounters that ensued on the next two days. The police also announced on 24th october that the Maoist leader RK too died in the encounter. Contradicting their own announcement, they declared again that Rapport om strider trots eldupphor was only injured and escaped.

So far, his whereabouts are not known. It has come to be known that the police have killed five people who were in their custody and shown them to have been killed in the combing operation.


Therefore, the society at large is apprehensive that com. RK is also in their custody and that there is a threat to his life. The High Court opined on 31st october that it is immaterial if RK is a Maoist or not, and the life of any human being is precious.

It also hoped that if RK is indeed in the custody of the police, the police would not contemplate of killing him at least now. It also commented that it is the responsibility of the government to protect the lives of the people. It is with this democratic understanding that we are demanding that RK and the 13 adivasis who are under police custody be produced in the court immediately. In fact, the whole incident raises serious questions.

Various narrations have come to light about the incident and "Rapport om strider trots eldupphor" on those we have come to a conclusion that the police had encircled the meeting place of the Maoists and resorted to a unilateral firing and resorted to this killing.

In the past also, the government has resorted many times to such unconstitutional, undemocratic, inhuman and immoral methods. All the citizens of the country have the right to political freedom as per the Indian constitution. The Indian constitution has given every citizen the right to freedom of expression even to put forth a severe critique of the parliamentary politics and to profess alternative politics by rejecting parliamentary politics.

Everybody has the right to believe that only Maoist politics offers a solution to Rapport om strider trots eldupphor problems facing this country.

This belief or understanding by itself does not constitute a crime. But the police, who are acting as per the diktats of the ruling classes, are killing the Maoist party members, its leaders and the people who are sympathetic to the movement.

We believe that it is a crime as per the constitution to kill this way in the name of encounters. The highest court of the land has pronounced on a similar occasion that one cannot be killed merely if one has faith in the Maoist politics and that the republic cannot kill its own children. If any crime as per the law takes place in the course of the practice of Maoist politics, then those responsible for it have to be punished as per the law by the courts.

But we condemn such killing by encircling. There are marks of severe torture on the bodies of the deceased. The cruel torture that the police unleashed on the women Maoists is an insult to the human civilization itself. For quite a long period, it has been in the news that the adivasis, under the leadership of Maoists, are resisting the mining of bauxite and other minerals by the corporate forces. We are alleging that the AP government has resorted to this massacre at the behest of the corporate forces, precisely because it is not possible to mine bauxite and other minerals as long as the adivasis are resisting it under the leadership of Maoists.

We demand that a judicial probe be conducted and the accused be punished by filing a case of murder against them. We, the undersigned, are dismayed over the ongoing crisis in Kashmir. We have watched in horror and shock the repetitive cycle of state aggression leading to violence, deteriorating state of civil liberties, violation of fundamental rights and ever escalating loss of human life and dignity in Kashmir.

In the last days, we have lost over lives in Kashmir. More than 15, civilians have been injured, out of which persons have suffered grievous injuries due to pellet-guns, have been injured by bullets. Over people have been arrested out of which people have been detained under the Public Safety Act toll as on October 30, The immediate response of the Indian state to the recent uprising in Kashmir was the imposition of curfew, which is continuing till date.

A media gag where newspaper offices have been raided, copies confiscated and editors threatened with dire consequences, accompanied it. Journalists reporting the situation have been attacked, intimidated and threatened with violence by those supposedly responsible for protecting them.

Most recently the government banned the publication of Kashmir Reader, a daily newspaper published from Srinagar. Pursuant to this, a complete communication blockade was imposed and Internet services were cut down.

Even voices outside Kashmir that spoke of the ongoing failure of state were targeted on social media, Rapport om strider trots eldupphor posts deleted and accounts blocked.

The means of communication and information flow from and into Kashmir are severely disrupted. Accompanying the communication blockade is an economic blockade in which the supply of food, medicines and other basic necessities are also affected, standing crops being burnt and orchards damaged.

It is unconscionable on the part of the Indian state to exacerbate the Rapport om strider trots eldupphor by choking the lifeline of people in Kashmir. There are reports of vandalism and violence during raids by the police and security forces. As the pillars of a modern democracy are wrecked with the media gag, the abuse of the impunity accorded to the law enforcement agencies is bound to escalate. There have been instances of harassment, abuse and baseless arrests of Kashmiris working and studying, not only in Kashmir but also in different parts of India, for Rapport om strider trots eldupphor voiced their political views.

A blockade on the channels of non-violent protest by the arrests of human rights defenders, legal activists and even volunteers supplying aid in hospitals on baseless grounds has aided the creation of spaces for violent protests. The wanton use of force along with the lack of accountability has contributed immensely to the crisis prevailing in Kashmir. Intense militarization of the valley has left deep scars on the Rapport om strider trots eldupphor, economic and psychological well being of every life in Kashmir.

It is disturbing to witness the Indian media pumping up jingoistic fervor in the minds of people in India. The propagation and glorification of state aggression and war mongering by the government, media and almost every political party has led to a lethal form of pro-state fanaticism.

The report suggests that Russia...

The success of the state machinery in realizing this propaganda also highlights the failure of the Indian civil society. We therefore call on all readers and human rights organisations to unequivocally condemn the siege of Kashmir. The situation in India is increasingly becoming claustrophobic, making it difficult to have any political discussion on Kashmir.

In such an environment even a peaceful non-violent discussion to understand the nature of problems that Kashmir faces becomes impossible. Without such understanding any solution proposed would only be a repetition of the cycles seen over the last 70 years, which have not led to any tangible solutions.

We urge the government to allow an open discussion so as to facilitate the understanding of the legitimate demands and concerns that the people of Kashmir have been raising over the course of last 70 years.

We believe that national integrity at the cost of life and dignity of our own citizens would not amount to integration but colonialism. The political crisis in Kashmir cannot be resolved by being oblivious to the Rapport om strider trots eldupphor at the heart of the conflict, which is the demand for freedom.

The government must acknowledge Kashmiris as primary stakeholders in the dispute and consult them rather than considering it as a bilateral issue Rapport om strider trots eldupphor India and Pakistan. Whatever the stand of the Government of India on the demand of Kashmiri people for independence, it is imperative to create an environment of understanding and openness and initiate a purposeful and sincere dialogue Rapport om strider trots eldupphor all the stakeholders for an amicable settlement.

We therefore urge the government to: Immediately lift the curfew and stop violence against civilians in Kashmir. Open channels for political dialogue in consultation with all stakeholders and explore every possible solution including — complete autonomy or pre position and even plebiscite.

Stop the crackdown on media and lift the ban on Kashmir Reader. Immediately drop all charges against activists, human rights defenders and civilians booked under the PSA and release them.

Work forcefully to demilitarize both sides of the Line of Control between India and Pakistan. Create credible mechanisms for accountability and justice, such as an international criminal tribunalfor human rights abuses in Kashmir over the past three decades, including extra-judicial killings, torture, sexual and gendered violence, enforced disappearances and unknown and mass graves.

These charges were laid in regard to the killing of adivasi villager, Shamnath Baghel by Maoists in Nama village in Bastar on the night of October 4.

However, Vimala Baghel has said in an interview with NDTV that she did not recognize any of the armed attackers and had been instructed by the police to not talk to outsiders and the media.

Nandini Sundar has been exposing the fake encounters, rapes, custodial torture and deaths for more than ten years. In she, Ramchandra Guha, and E. In May Sundar and others had visited Nama village on a fact finding mission to investigate atrocities and published a report that was critical of both the police and Maoists. It is standard procedure for states to impose information blackout in areas where state terror is used against the people, whether it be to crush the resistance to resource extraction or the demand for autonomy.

The absence of information is then be filled with propaganda that justifies the repression. This is amply illustrated by developments in India, nowhere more clearly than in the tribal belt and Rapport om strider trots eldupphor. These practices were pioneered by colonial powers, who also developed the tactic of arming and empowering one section of the oppressed group against the other.

There has been an escalation of attacks against human rights defenders, journalists, and academics reporting on atrocities in Chattisgarh in the past year: Journalist Malini Subramanian and social scientist Bela Bhatia too faced similar harassment compelling them to leave the area where they had been investigating atrocities.

As in the events of February the false charges against Nandini Sundar and others flow from the recent Central Bureau of Investigation charge sheet against special police officers in Chattisgarh finding them responsible for burning down three villages in for which initially Maoists had been blamed. The charge sheets had been immediately followed by the burning of effigies of Nandini Sundar and other human rights activists by armed auxiliary forces personnel across Bastar range under the direction of the police.

As civil society groups in India have recognized in a series of statements and meetings the intense attack on all efforts to bring to light the atr2ocities committed by the police against adivasis is taking place today within a general assault on civil society.

Freedom of information, enquiry, and expression is severely under stress in India today. We demand that the false charges against Nandini Sundar, Archana Rapport om strider trots eldupphor and others be immediately withdrawn.

We further demand that an independent fact finding mission be established to investigate the atrocities in Chattisgarh. Nichlagarh, an adivasi village in the forest region of Southern Rajasthan, is caught between the bureaucratic regime of the Forestry Department FD of India and progressive legislation that claims to restore the traditional rights of commoners.

While the state has its own ideas about how villagers should manage their forest commons and their lives, the women of this adivasi community have stepped forward as the knowledge keepers, managers of the forests and Rapport om strider trots eldupphor of democratic representation to protect the right to common.

Days after the Jharkhand police opened fire on farmers protesting land acquisition for coal mines by the National Thermal Power Corporation in Badkagaon, Hazaribagh, on 1st October resulting in several deaths, the demonstrators are still shocked at what they claim was the excessive use of force by the administration.

The authorities are whisking away people in overnight raids, using draconian preventive detention powers even against human rights activists. Within minutes there was an announcement on the loudspeaker of a local mosque in old Chanpora, asking people to come out of their homes and join a protest. However, they returned disappointed. Eighteen-year old Nouman, a school dropout, according to some local residents who spoke to The Wire, had participated in protests against the police in recent weeks though in what manner was unclear.

A man from the neighbourhood, Feroz Ahmad, said that the police picked up three boys from the area during night raids in the past 10 days but none have been released so far. In the eleven weeks since the death of militant commander Burhan Wani, 87 civilians have died in police action while over people have been injured. The state health department records show that of the injured have been hit by pellets in one or both eyes, while persons have received extra-occular pellet injuries injuries in body parts Rapport om strider trots eldupphor than eyes in the ongoing unrest.

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According to the government, some 4, police personnel have also sustained injuries in the protests, which frequently turned violent. Strider kring Hodeidah i Jemen trots eldupphör. Forskarna har parkerat sin provtagningsbuss i Nyagatare i norra Rwanda. I bussen finns en. består, trots EU-direktiv om att tillämpa likalöneprincipen, lika lön för lika och. En rapport från IFS, Inspektionen för socialförsäkringar (publicerad maj 15 Fi ska verka för att tvåårsregeln i utlänningslagen tas bort, då den strider mot kan i vissa specifika situationer tvinga fram ett eldupphör men leder i sig inte till fred.

Rapport om strider trots eldupphor report suggests that Russia might have some manoeuvre brigades . (ej audio) Efter flera timmars strider norr om Luhansk har Ukraina förlorat utlyst ensidig vapenvila och ensidigt hållit den trots fortsatt beskjutning från den ryska sidan. Endast kortvariga lokala eldupphör har fungerat, då bägge sidor roterat .