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Bound to main content. Log In Sign Up. The Urban Permutation of Kiruna, Sweden. Heritagisation, re-heritagisation and de-heritagisation of built environments: The urban transformation of Kiruna, Sweden Cover image: The burgh plan of Kiruna interpreted as a ptarmigan, which is the symbol of the town of Kiruna. In Finnish the designation translates to Kiiruna. The moot framework of the research was based on heritagisation, a concept defined by Harrison as the process through which objects, places and practices are turned into cultural heritage.

The research was part of a single crate study investigating conceptualisations of built heritage during the urban metamorphosis of the town of Kiruna. Kiruna is a mining metropolis in the northernmost part of Sweden that has plans to be relocated so that the mining company LKAB can reach mining the iron ore accumulation that extends underneath the colony.

Kiruna is also a designated heritage site since the s, and includes a large company of protected buildings. Hence, it is of interest how the built heritage is managed meanwhile the urban planning process.

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Always falling for girls with the same facial shape? From that viewpoint this is not so dramatic” 21 (Alfredsson , author's . 28 [ Vi kommer att slåss oerhört hårt för att framtidens Kirunabor ska ha ett , Länsstyrelsens i Norrbottens län beslut den 4 april , Mål nr .. , Sammanställning av svar från enkätundersökning "Vilken är din bild av Kiruna?. Cecilia Alfredsson, Department for risk- and vulnerability reducing activity. (05 20, ). .. framtiden." Mål- och resursplan (MRP) – , Budget Då det är tunga och svåra frågor. Det för att öka har tagit en viss tid men nu är i våras har det tagit beslut på att det ska köras igång ett arbete. (4. )..

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